Category Bernese oberland pass validity

Bernese oberland pass validity

bernese oberland pass validity

From A for Aareschlucht to Z for Zytglogge Discover unique hightlights that only this region has to offer. Thanks to the maps, you can get the necessary inspiration for your travel programme on site and at the same time keep track of where the Regional-Pass Berner Oberland is valid everywhere. This map shows you in detail where the Regional Pass can be used for free or discounted travel. You will find all modes of transport integrated in the area of validity and the 39 bonus partners in map format.

Take a look at our panoramic map if you want an overview of the splendid mountain landscape that the Bernese Oberland has to offer. Compact information on the Regional-Pass Berner Oberland brochure is available to download or to order via contact form. This website needs JavaScript enabled to work correctly.

Here you can find instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Season start: April 24, Better overview with the maps for the Regional Pass in the Bernese Oberland The Bernese Oberland fascinates with its diversity of varied travel ideas. You are here: Maps.Some websites say that the Berner Oberland pass is valid from any Swiss airport and back.

My plan is to go from Geneve Airport to Lausannethen, on the next day, to Montreux. Are these covered by the pass? The Berner Oberland pass is valid on the lines marked on this map:. However, swisspasses. But I find the website a bit odd: They're selling products that don't exist anymore, like the Swiss Card.

Thank you, Kris. That was too good to be true. The offer is a combination of this :- www. The minimum period for the Regional Pass Berner Oberland is now 4 days. The Berner Oberland Pass website does not mention it.

Jungfraujoch: CHF from Wengen and back. I've already contacted the BO website. If not, it seems that option C is the best for my itinerary. Option E just using the Half Fare Card often works out cheapest but without a full itinerary it is not possible to make this calculation. Thanks for the correction.

bernese oberland pass validity

I have not noticed that the leg Montreux to Saanen was not free with the BO pass. Geneve airport- Lausanne : 13,5. Lausanne-Montreux - just a few francs, I suppose. Zweisimmen- Interlaken Ost: 13,5. Interlaken- Lauterbrunnen 3,8. Lauterbrunnen- Luzern return: 39,6. Lauterbrunnen- Wengen return 6,8. Kleine Scheidegg- Jungfraujoch return: Lauterbrunnen- Basel airport Not certain what route you will be taking on Day 6.The Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland allows free or discounted traveling in the Bernese Oberland region and its surroundings only.

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Boat trip Lake Brienz details. Boat trip Lake Thun details. Brienzer Rothorn details. Golden Pass line details. Grindelwald-First details. Harder Kulm details. Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe details. Niesen details. Pfingstegg details. Schilthorn details. Schynige Platte details. Titlis details. Swiss Alps experts since Coronavirus Plan your trip About Switzerland. Traveling to Switzerland Traveling in Switzerland Rail passes.

MySwissAlps features commercial and non-commercial links. Download the map Download the map. How the map works Free and discounted traveling is explained in the upper left corner of the map; Traveling with the Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland applies to all trains that operate on the indicated lines and that are listed in the timetables.

The train type InterCity, local, panoramic and the operating company do not matter. Panoramic trains such as the Golden Pass are thus included; Urban transport within Interlaken and Thun is free. Urban transport in the cities of Bern and Lucerne is not included. The bus from Bern Airport to Belp is free. Terms and privacy.Is something not clear yet?

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Just post your questions to the Swiss rail forum and get a quick answer. Swiss Alps experts since Coronavirus Plan your trip About Switzerland. Traveling to Switzerland Traveling in Switzerland Rail passes.

Berner Oberland Pass area of validity - Bernese Oberland Forum

MySwissAlps features commercial and non-commercial links. Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland. Must knows about the Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland This is a perfect pass to consider if you focus on the Bernese Oberland region only; The pass is valid for up to 10 days.

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Check the nation wide passes if you're staying longer; The Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland is only available for the summer season. The Grindelwald train station. Let's start with a brief summary: Free unlimited traveling for 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 consecutive days in the Bernese Oberland region; Transport by train, bus, boat and into the mountains cable cars, etc.

The Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland suits your plans if: you have planned a lot of traveling in this region only. You'll save money as point to point tickets are more expensive; you prefer ticketless traveling. You don't need to get tickets for all transportation that is covered for free; your plans are not set in stone or you want to be flexible. The Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland allows spontaneous trips at no extra cost. Insider tips about the Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland.

Terms and privacy.Comfortable, stress-free and easy travel within the area of validity of the Regional-Pass Berner Oberland. Attractive discounts and benefits by our bonus partners. Discover the Bernese Oberland - easy and uncomplicated with public transport!

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Explore the varied region for 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 consecutive days at your leisure. Great matter. Highly recommended even if the pass also seems expensive at first glance. Its vital to enjoy the discounts available. Otherwise paying full fare is very costly and it could mean missing out on some of the must see places.

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Certainly worth the purchase if you intend doing a lot of travelling in the area, which most people will do anyway. Easy to travel around and make the most of the excellent public transport network. Note that it doesn't cover the Schilthornbahn but you get a discount. This website needs JavaScript enabled to work correctly. Here you can find instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Season start: April 24, How it works. You can look forward to these advantages Where is the tickte passport valid? Where is the tickte passport valid? You can get your All-in-one ticket for the Bernese Oberland!

Buy your ticket now! Thats what our customers say More reviews on Tripadvisor.Only businesses who use the specially developed eKomi software to collect real feedback can obtain the eKomi Seal of Approval.

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Where can I travel with the Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland?

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bernese oberland pass validity

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