Category Filipino team building games outdoor

Filipino team building games outdoor

You can learn more about Filipino culture when you know more about traditional games the children play in their neighborhood. They can be played by anyone of any economic status. These traditional Filipino games require only one thing—for you to have fun.

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There are so many traditional Filipino games that can be played indoors and outdoors. Here are some of the most common ones you might have heard about already. Every Filipino child knows this game.

Top 50 Team-Building Games that Your Employees Would Love to Play

All you need to play tumbang preso is a slipper and a tin can. Patintero is a game that involves many players. They are divided into two teams. This is one of those traditional Filipino games you can often see children play on the streets. Horizontal lines are drawn to signify the position of the players on Team A. A vertical line is drawn across the horizontal lines and one player is assigned to that line. This is similar to the game of tag. The objective of the game is for members of Team B to cross all the lines and go back without being touched by any of the players assigned to the lines.

The members of Team A can only move in the direction of their assigned line. He starts off crouching as low as he can while the players jump over him. A variation of this came is called luksong tinik or jump over thorns. In that game, two players line up their feet and hands to make a tower while a third player tries to jump over. Piko is the Pinoy version of hopscotch.

They throw the pamatowhich is usually a stone or small ball in one of the boxes drawn out in chalk. Whoever successfully throws and retrieves the stone wins the game. Agawan base is popular among elementary school students.My husband, three kids, and I are going to be spending a LOT more time at home meaning…practically all our of time at home. There have been a few times during this pandemic already that games have helped us out, providing a chance to laugh and play together, to do more than chores or jobs or worrying.

I want to do a roundup post on games of all sorts that could be good to play during this time. For so many of these games, a word list would come in super handy! My word generator has TONS!

You could create whole new games with some of the word lists on the page. Check it out! I would say the majority of these games do not keep people 6 feet apart. In addition, all the items you are using, can not be sanitized or should not be touched by different people.

Not a very helpful article. Hi Carolyn, sorry you misunderstood. Sorry if that was confusing. I created the first list because even small families at home need games to play together. I agree with Carolyn to a certain extent. It is the title that led us here that is misleading. I am searching for games that you can play outside WITH social distancing, not games you can play in lockdown with your household or can use with others via social media. Good ideas though, I think if people bring their own paper and pencils, things like pictionary can work.

I guess that this post is just outdated. But things have changed and I can definitely add a list of some outdoor games that can be played during social distancing. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks, I found many of your game suggestions helpful for the covid environment I am working in now and will be able to use many of them some with a few modifications in my current ministry. The older teens and early 20s group like to play Hide and Seek with their cars. They go out late at night and hide their cars throughout the neighborhood and try to find each other, safely, following traffic rules. Passenger deals with the phone, so driver can concentrate on driving. They go to major parking lots like walmart, malls, mcdonalds, and there is no chasing involved.

Just park and tag each other. The cops thought they were up to no good until I explained it is a safe alternative to street racing in the boring prairies. Wow, that does sound fun, if you live in an area or community conducive to that type of activity.

Very creative! I thought your ideas were terrific. Great ways for families to enjoy time with each other even when things get back to normal? Skip to content. Other Related Games and Posts. Carolyn Peters I would say the majority of these games do not keep people 6 feet apart.

The Game Gal Hi Carolyn, sorry you misunderstood. Sarah Connor I agree with Carolyn to a certain extent. The Game Gal I guess that this post is just outdated. Angela Boucher Thanks, I found many of your game suggestions helpful for the covid environment I am working in now and will be able to use many of them some with a few modifications in my current ministry.Traditional Filipino games are social games or team-building activities. But due to the scarcity of materials to make toys, Filipino children in many rural areas use their ingenuity instead.

They innovate playthings out of anything they can find around their homes or in the neighbourhood. Often, too, they just invent games that don't require anything but the players themselves. Until the s, traditional Filipino games were a common pastime, especially during holidays and summertime. You would see young children and teenagers running around the neighbourhood, giggling, screaming, and sometimes arguing over rules of the play or who earned more points.

Filipino games are usually played outdoors and involve much physical activity. Afternoons and evenings are always the best time to play, especially on moonlit nights. At the end of the competition, we go home drenched in sweat, a state complete with body odor and bruises! But this was nothing compared to the fun and joy we had with our friends and peers.

filipino team building games outdoor

It was also common for us to be scolded by parents for our filthy - and sometimes ripped up - clothes, and smelly bodies. And it was rare to find children getting obese or having ailment associated with sedentary lifestyle. Sad to say, though, that the advent of computer games has dramatically overshadowed traditional Filipino games. I have nothing against computer games per se. After all, children can still benefit from them in more ways than one.

For one, computer games can help kids develop their cognitive skills, as there are many games that require scheming. But what alarms me is that computer games can bind children on their seats for so long, making them oblivious to time and without necessarily communicating with anyone.

Consciously or not, they develop a sedentary lifestyle, which makes them prone to many ailments associated with being physically inactive. In fact, reports have it that the Philippines is now one of the few countries in the world that has a high obesity rate among children. Because of this alarming trend, I decide to recall some of the traditional Filipino games that are worth playing, hoping to encourage children to get involved in active play.Clueless managers do.

Wise managers want improved team performance. We help them think differently and play bigger. You grow great teams through culture shaping, team skills building, and behavior-changing.

filipino team building games outdoor

This is why the Philippine Team Building Facilitators use interactive play and games to encourage authentic conversations between members, stimulate insights, and move people to action. Hold team building programs that really work. Enjoy the services of our team building facilitators in the Philippines. We train our facilitators during our team building bootcamps, and certify them based on their ability to design and deliver high impact team building workshops. We have professional team building facilitators in Manila who serve companies in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

These facilitators have undergone training in team building facilitation and learning experience design. We provide indoor and outdoor activities. Our team building facilitators in Laguna are known for their creative and unique team building programs. They are also in high demand as team building speakers and workplace learning designers for leadership and team development.

Our team building facilitators in Mindanao can help you build high impact teams through relevant team plays and games. Join team building workshops designed to achieve your desired team objectives.

We use collaborative games, learning sessions, and gamified activities to ensure maximum learning and participant engagement. You may explore the team building workshops below. And when you need our help, contact us so you get started soon. Most team building events in the Philippines waste time, money, energy, and opportunities. This is because many companies in the Philippines do team building the wrong way. A lot of team building events are nothing but artificial and often meaningless competitions where teams are pitted against each other.

If you are here because you are looking for team building providers who can provide you packages of team building games and activities, you cannot find packages here.

Get the help of events organizers because they can help you. Because I will tell you why most team building initiatives in the Philippines do not work and what you can do instead. Companies today want their employees to communicate better, to cooperate and collaborate more, to work well in teams, to share best practices, to respect each other and commit to work to achieve success together. This is why it is absolute nonsense to send employees on team building events to forget about work and compete against each other.

How can you make them collaborate at work when you make them play games that teach them to beat each other no matter what?Long before iPad, Xbox, and PSP bombarded us with visually stunning games, we were just simple kids playing simple toys. Back then, a group of children could easily find ways to kill time by using sheer creativity, strength, and enthusiasm.

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It requires two groups with 10 to 12 members each. On signal, the first player of each team walks towards the goal line using the coconut shells. The player returns to the starting line and then let the next player do the same.

The first team to finish the race wins while players who walk for more than 2 steps after a fall will be disqualified. It involves two or more players and requires a pair of bamboo sticks 1 long, 1 short. To play the game, the batter tosses the shorter bamboo stick and strike it with the longer stick on the other hand. The other player will then try to catch the flying stick. If he succeeds, he gets the turn to be the next batter. If not, the two players will play a hitting game to determine the next batter.

To do this, the longer stick will be put down on the ground. The other player will then attempt to hit the longer stick with the shorter one. If he succeeds, the hitter becomes the next batter.

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Otherwise, the same batter will retain his role. It requires 10 or 20 people and is ideally played whenever there are light and shade i. If touched, the player becomes the tagger in the next game. To avoid being tagged, a player can stay in the shade. For multiple players, two or more people are usually assigned as taggers to make the game even more exciting and fun.

filipino team building games outdoor

It requires two teams with at least 10 to 20 members each. Two people will serve as the leaders of each team while one player plays the role of the priest who should stand at about 5 meters away from both teams see diagram above. The leader of Team A will approach the priest and whisper the name of one of the members of Team B. If not, the player gets a turn to mention the name of one of the players of Team A.

As the name suggests, a player plays the role of a priest searching for a missing ring. He will then guess who among a group of players has the ring. But unlike the game you grew up with, this one has a specific story. This outdoor game requires 10 to 20 players.

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One will act as the hawk, another one as the hen or head of the chickenswhile the remaining players become the chicks. After a period of bargaining, the hawk finally gets a chick which he will take home to help him search for rice grains for his dinner. As the hawk falls asleep, the chick returns to the hen. As a result, the angry hawk tries to find and catch the missing chick. The hen and all the chickens will then prevent the hawk from catching the chick.

To do this, they need to pull a strand of human hair silo and then tie it on one end to serve as bait or trap for the insect. The player who catches the most number of insects wins the game. In this case, one player hides the hair strand by covering it with soil while the other player is blindfolded.The event is highly interactive and offers active spectator participation.

These teams then go on to compete against each other in various team building exercises.

filipino team building games outdoor

Points are awarded for each exercise and the team with the highest points at the end of the event is declared the winning team of the Beach Day team building activity. Some possible outcomes of the Beach Day team building activity include teamworkcommunicationleadershipcooperationgoal settingcreative thinkingdecision makingproblem solvingresiliencetime management and trust. These are some of the team building exercises that may be included in the Beach Day team building activity.

Your facilitator will select the appropriate exercises to match the venue and team on the day. Beach Ball Relay - Have one member of each team holds a beach ball between the knees. Once the starting signal sounds, these team members should move to the finish line and back without dropping the beach ball. The players then pass the ball to the next team member Bubble Pie - Big buckets with soapy water are filled and empty buckets with holes in the bottoms are on the opposite end of the playing field.

The teams are each lined up behind the soapy bucket. Carry and Fill - Teams get a number of buckets from small to big. They have to get the water passing and pouring to the next person from A to B.

The team with the most water is the winning team. Catch the Flags - This game is an outdoor version of musical chairs. The participants lie flat on their stomachs a few metres away from the flag field.

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The participants must then race to the flags and try to grab one Magical Beach Towel - Teams must cross stretch of grass on a "magic towel". If their feet touch the grass, they have to start afresh Like ball golf, the object of frisbee golf is to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws Ice Cube Melt - Teams stand in lines. The first person in each lines receives an ice cube. The starter rubs the ice cube between their hands for as long as they can to see how quickly the ice cube can melt.

Once that person gets too cold, the ice cube is passed to the next person in line Over and Under - Teams stand in long lines facing each other back to front.

At the head of each line there a bucket of water and at the other end a plastic empty container. A sponge is given to the person at the head of the line where the water bucket is Beach Soccer - Played on a smaller field with a lighter or smaller ball and only 1 meter goal posts to keep things interesting Water Balloon Dodgeball - Each team gets a container of water balloons.

Establish a row and have each team line up on opposite sides of the line facing each other. At the starting signal, players throw water balloons at each other. Water Balloon Toss - Team members from the same team stand facing each other at a 2 meter distance and throw a water balloon to the member on the opposite side — after every successful toss and catch the members each take a step backward Water Transfer - Teams need to transfer water from one side to the other using a combination of different equipment including canvas sheets and pipes with holes in them.

Prepare to get very wet Wring the Towel Relay Race - Teams face back to back in a straight line. On a signal, the first player of each team dips a towel in a bucket filled with water. The wet towel then passed from person to person and the last person in line that receives the wet towel must wring it out into a bucketTeamwork has been at the center stage for many years as far as employee-focused initiatives are concerned and its value in bringing about workplace happiness has remained non-debatable.

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With the time we spend with our co-workers, the benefits of investing time and money in teambuilding cannot be overemphasized. What happens when you mix an escape room, a movie, and a team building into an office game? You get Team Building Kitsan immersive mystery game designed to combine fun and bonding with teamwork productivity.

In groups of people, teammates try to solve a murder, escape from Mars, or some other incredible problem.

Team Building Games Part 1

Using clues, documents, items, and puzzles, teams need to share info, develop theories, and work together to solve the mystery. Designed by professional mystery writers and game makers, this game puts you in the story while staying at the office.

It facilitates coworker bonding and engagement while targeting teamwork dynamics like communication, trust, and coordination. Messy on the surface but high on collaboration and engagement, Egg Drop is a classic team building game that unites groups on creative problem solving. Material for making the package usually includes straws, tape, plastic, balloons, rubber band, newspapers and the entire activity lasts for about The team that survives this free fall is the winner.

In case of a tie, increasing the height for the egg-fall serves as a tiebreaker. A game that gets your grey-cells turbo charged with lateral thinking and planning — dog, rice, chicken encourages creative problem solving within team.

One of the group members is allotted the role of a farmer and the rest team acts as villagers. The farmer has to return home along with its 3 purchases Dog, Rice and Chicken by crossing a river in a boat. He can carry only one item with him on the boat.

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He cannot leave the dog alone with the chicken because the dog will eat the chicken, and he cannot leave the chicken alone with the bag of grain because the chicken will eat the bag of grain.

How does he get all three of his purchases back home safely? The villagers can help him in arriving at the solution, which is really simple if the group thinks creatively and together.

This is a very fun and challenging game that requires lot of communication and coordination among the teammates. The group is asked to stand in a circle around a long piece of string tied at the ends to form a circle. The team is next asked to create shapes with the string — square, triangle, figure 8, rectangle and many other shapes. Nothing tells you more about your team or brings your team together quite like an escape room. With a mix of challenging but fun obstacles, an immersive environment, and the adrenaline rush to beat the clock, your team will come out stronger than ever whether you escape or not!

You can choose to find lost gold, repair a spaceship on Mars, break out of prison, and more!

Team Building Facilitators

Building on the timeless notion of positive and negative from a single experience, team of 2 or more come together and discuss a situation. For instance if there are two members, Partner A shares something negative that happened in their life with Partner B.

It can be a personal or professional memory, but mandatorily a true incident. Then Partner A discusses the same memory again, but this time focusing on the bright side with positive takeaways. Partner B helps sheds light on the silver lining of the negative experience.